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Our Story

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Our storied journey began in February 1995, when we opened our first location in a tiny second floor walk-up on Church Street in Toronto, ON. We quickly outgrew the space and moved around the corner to a new location on Maitland Street (pictured), next to the National Ballet School. From there we went on to our location at Berkeley and Queen, and with each move our esteemed roster of artists grew and flourished. We had quite the collection of artists and made a considerable impact on the Toronto scene, despite the fact that we were a small--but very active--gallery.

Over the years O'Connor Gallery has represented a wide array of artists and creators, with world-famous names on our roster including Judy Chicago, Edward Lucie-Smith, Peter Flinch, Arthur Tress, Tom Bianchi and more. We have also represented emerging creators, jump-starting the careers of artists such as James Huctwith, Daniel Barclay and Alfred Ng, whose works have since come to be well-known both inside and outside the art community. Since the beginning we've represented a variety of local artists as well, a practice which we are proud to continue today with our resident artists Jeannie Catchpole and Steve Behal, photographer Charles T. Low and many more.


Visit our Artists page to find out more about the artists we represent, past and present.

In addition to his years of hands-on experience, our owner and curator Dennis O'Connor has achieved a BFA from Concordia University in Montreal. His time there gave him an unquenchable passion for art history, art education and, of course, for art itself. Not only that, but for the stories surrounding it and the experiences and perspectives that lead to an artwork's creation. Our valued clients can be safely assured they are in good hands, whether they're looking for a new piece of art for their collection, some custom framing or interior design work.

We are privileged to have been involved with a number of initiatives and projects to bolster the arts in the communities we've had the privilege of being a part of, through our work with the Canadian Society of Painters and Watercolour and various community organizations. Visit our In the Community page to find out more.

We believe an art gallery should not only be filled with beautiful things, but also teachable moments. Art plays the crucial role of exposing us to perspectives we may not otherwise get to experience. We believe, first and foremost, in offering artists a space where they can safely, honestly and freely express themselves, their ideas and their message—an ideal we also extend to our customers, and everyone else who comes through our doors. Every piece we show tells a story, some in shouts and others in whispers. And we’re thrilled you have selected us as your guide as you experience each of them.

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Fine Interiors2_edited.jpg

"If someone’s going to trust me to help them with their collection, I’d like them to feel comfortable knowing they’re going to get something that is worthwhile. Something that brings them joy, something that challenges them or gets them asking questions. Because I truly do love each and every thing we show, at the end of the day, the client is walking away with a little piece of me."


- Dennis O'Connor

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