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Our Artists

O’Connor Gallery boasts a thoughtfully curated roster of artists, misfits and creators from Canada and around the globe. We champion emerging artists, underrepresented artists and most importantly, artists that have something to say. We cultivate close relationships with our artists and are honoured to learn their stories, which in turn helps us better understand the perspectives behind their artwork.

Feel free to browse our esteemed group of artists, both past and present, below:


Judy Chicago

World-renowned feminist artist, educator and writer Judy Chicago has a long and close history with O'Connor Gallery. Dennis O'Connor became Chicago's official Canadian representative after the two were introduced by a mutual friend, writer/art critic Edward Lucie-Smith. As a long-time admirer of her work, Dennis says the day Chicago called the gallery to ask about doing a show in Canada, he was sure someone must have been playing a prank.

But the two quickly became fast friends, and in February 2005 O'Connor Gallery hosted Judy Chicago / FemmeErotica, a month-long mixed media show marking the gallery's 10th anniversary and surveying 35 years of Chicago's erotic works. The exhibition showcased works from Chicago's CatErotica series, illustrations from Voices from the Song of Songs, and Fragments from the Delta Venus, watercolours inspired by the writings of Chicago's friend and fellow feminist writer Anaïs Nin. The show received glowing reviews and mentions from local and national publications including The Artery, The National Post, The Toronto Star and more. One review by Julian Bynoe called FemmeErotica "richly sumptuous and bold," noting that Chicago never shies away from the topic at hand, challenging her viewers to do the same.


Based out of Chicago, IL, Judy Chicago is most well-known for her large collaborative art installation pieces about birth and creation images, which examine the role of women in history and culture---the most notable of these being The Dinner Party, which toured internationally and is now permanently housed at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

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Edward Lucie-Smith

Edward Lucie-Smith is a globally recognized writer, poet, art critic and historian, curator and photographer. We had the pleasure of hosting Lucie-Smith's first showing in Canada, and he and Dennis O'Connor remain close friends to this day. O'Connor Gallery has had the pleasure of hosting three exhibitions with Lucie-Smith, including The Hunger, a collection of erotic photography featured as part of the Contact photography festival in Toronto in 2007. Sholem Krishtalka, in a 2007 review for Toronto-based zine XTRA!, said Lucie Smith's photography "counters almost every expectation one might have of erotic work," noting that "Lucie-Smith forces us to consume his images with the same hunger that he has to create them."

james huctwith self portrait.jpg

James Huctwith

James Huctwith is an oil painter from Kitchener, Ontario. From 1986 to 1989, he studied fine art at the University of Guelph’s College of Art in Ontario, primarily in architecture and art history and theory. Huctwith started painting and exhibiting in the early 1990s in Vancouver, and soon after became one of O'Connor Gallery's first resident artists when he relocated to Toronto in 1995. We continued to represent him until 2007 and continue to show his incredible works in our gallery to this day. 

Huctwith’s current realist work, both figurative and portraiture, is done with an emphasis on historical techniques. His canvases of male figures are moody, masculine, and mysterious. While a sense of calmness is presented in Huctwith’s scenes, there is often a lurking undercurrent of uncertainty and conflict.

The artist’s website can be found at:

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Jeannie Catchpole

Catchpole was raised in Canada and attended Sheridan College of Art, she later lived in the US. working as both a Graphic designer and painter.  She has has had a very prolific and recognized career both solo and in Collaboration with her husband Steve Behal. as well her work as well as her collaborative work with Steve has been recognized and celebrated both nationally within Canada and Internationally. Jeannie now lives and works with Steve in Gananoque Ontario, and works very closely with O'Connor Gallery and Gananoque Artists Network. 

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Steve Behal

Behal was raised in Canada and attended Sheridan College of Art. working with both photography and painting. He has has had a very prolific and recognized career both solo and in Collaboration with his wife Jeannie Catchpole. as well his own work as well as his collaborative work with Jeannie has been recognized and celebrated both nationally within Canada and Internationally. Steve now lives and works with Jeannie in Gananoque Ontario, and works very closely with O'Connor Gallery and Gananoque Artists Network.

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Kim Atlin 


Raised in rural Ontario, Atlin moved to Toronto to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design and stayed. Toronto has remained her base although my fascination with the colours and textures of the world has kept me and my brush wandering. her work is found in the Ontario Government’s Collection, OCAD printmaking collection, Ontario Archives, National Archives and Canada’s Icelandic Embassy.


Nigel Nolan 

Nigel Nolan is a multidisciplinary artist who has exhibited internationally and has held solo exhibitions in Toronto, Buenos Aires and New York. His portfolio of project-based work includes book projects, performances, large-scale painted installations and experimental videos. Nolan’s paintings have been used for large-scale mural work, brand activations, private and public installations, global exhibitions and can be found in public and private collections


Otis Tamasauskas 

Printmaking in its origin was a form of economically reproducing something, being image or text for mass consumption. Otis however flips this narrative or the mass reproductions' of a single image and instead creates a single multi layered and multi dimensional piece rather than a multiplication yet still using traditional printmaking methods. creating the individual piece not only raises the skill level required and the worth of the piece. Tamasauskas used pieces of the the natural world and found material in his work. he is critically acclaimed and recognized as one of Canadas most innovative printmakers. originally born in Germany, later moving and studying in Toronto  and later teaching at many Canadian universities. He now lives and works in Gananoque Ontario and represented by O'Connor Gallery. 


Noel Bullock 

Gaye Noel Bullock was a very versatile and dynamic artist active in Canada and abroad between 1971 and 2021 when he passed away. he was still well known by his large outdoor public sculptures and installations like "The First Ship" (Kingston,1984) and "Slap Shot" (Virginia Beach, USA, 1984) but explored an combined a vast array of different mediums, techniques, and materials during a career spanning more than fifty years. His work always reflected the dynamism and diversity of the changing environment surrounding him and this can be seen in the sculptures, installations, paintings, photographs, and digital paintings he presented across Canada. in the US, Cuba, Scotland, Wales, Italy, and Grenada where he created his last artworks.  

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